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The benefits of choosing an independent practice.

In the constantly changing and specialized world of healthcare everyone needs a partner to depend on. With the consolidation of institutions becoming the new normal, and options are declining, we believe we are that choice.  As an independent medical practice, it is our belief that more choices should be available to everyone. Independence allows us to practice medicine and conduct business efficiently, nimbly and with less layers of bureaucracy in our way and our patients’. And as a smaller organization, we are positioned to be in direct contact with our patients and our partners. Keeping it personal means better relationships and more collaboration, leading to better outcomes. The difference is personal.

An innovative organization 

IMS is committed to developing new services, infrastructure, and best practices that will provide our patients with the best health care. Our physicians keep abreast of the latest techniques, such as innovations in non-invasive surgery, use of digital X-rays and other leading-edge equipment.



We are committed to physician leadership of our practices and developing an environment that is professionally rewarding and attractive to new and established physicians.

IMS Provides Comprehensive, Coordinated Care

The number of practice sites- primary care and specialty care offered as well as the number of providers are an asset to patient care at IMS. All members of IMS – physicians, physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and staff – are committed to evidence based, patient centered patient care that occurs through consistent and effective communication and collaboration. Research shows that this model can lead to higher quality care, lower costs, and improve patients’ and providers’ reported experiences of care. We promote partnerships between patients and their personal clinicians, instead of treating patient care as the sum of several office visits


IMS Multi-Specialty Centers

No matter what you need, our multi-specialty centers have you covered.

  • Goodyear Multi-Specialty Center
  • Westgate Multi-Specialty Center
  • Avondale Multi-Specialty Center
  • Paradise Valley Multi-Specialty Center

IMS Cardiology Featured on Fox10 News

Avondale Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. Riyaz Sumar with IMS Cardiology is notably one of the first providers in the western region of...

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