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About Us

Integrated Medical Services (IMS) is a physician-led organization united through its providers’ commitment to high-quality, innovative health care. The multi-specialty group has primary care and most specialties well represented throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area and many rural locations.

IMS started in 2006, when several community physicians determined that they could provide better patient care and gain efficiency by practicing together rather than separately. From there, our group has grown to approximately 140 providers and 65 locations.
Compassionate physicians are able to provide what is best for a personalized patient treatment plan through a patient-centric care model.  Assisted by our friendly and well-trained staff, our providers are committed to building ongoing relationships with patients and constantly strive to make the patient care experience straightforward and pleasant.
IMS also improves patient care by incorporating cutting-edge technology into our health care processes.
Our physicians keep abreast of the latest techniques, such as innovations in non-invasive surgery, and our offices utilize digital X-rays and leading-edge equipment.
Our secure state-of-the-art health records system also facilitates billing and sharing of information for better patient care. Providers treating the same patient all refer to the same Electronic Health Record (EHR), allowing each physician to access complete and current health information and to coordinate care effectively across the network.   
Our physicians strive for the highest quality care for every patient by utilizing the extensive knowledge provided within the group. As health care continues to evolve, IMS is committed to finding new and better ways to provide exceptional personalized care. With our combined clinical expertise and use of advanced technology, IMS physicians are uniquely positioned to meet your current and future quality expectations. 
IMS providers proudly serve as team physicians for the Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, and LA Dodgers Spring Training Teams, and our organization is the title sponsor of the IMS Arizona Marathon.